Guitar Tution

My name is Matt Blick and I’ve been teaching since 1990. In that time I’ve taught hundreds of people from 6 to 60 to play guitar and bass.

As well as guitar I teach songwriting and coach rock bands (I've also taught djembe & samba drumming, children's orchestras, ukelele groups & even a bhangra band!).

On top of private teaching I've worked for a pupil referral unit and taught at nurseries, junior/infant schools, secondary schools, colleges, recording studios, churches and adult ed. evening classes.

I've performed in pubs, nightclubs, schools, libraries, old peoples homes, leisure centres, swimming pools, speedway stadiums and on army, airforce and submarine bases.

Many former pupils are successfully gigging and recording, some are signed to record labels, perform internationally or have appeared on national TV. Some teach music professionally and others just play music for the fun of it!

You can read about a few of them in the blog below.

I use 30 years of experience as a professional musician to tailor lessons to suit the individual abilities and goals of each student.To find out more about private lessons in Nottingham or workshops, seminars or consultations in the UK fill in the contact form below.


Pupil News

Never Too Old For Haribos

From a pupil I’ve taught from age 11-16.

To Mr Blick,

Thanks for teaching me how to play guitar. I wanted to give you these because I'll be leaving soon and because you're a great guitar teacher

all the best

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The Flamingos Of Chaos

I used to teach a band of crazy 10 year olds called Exploding Penguins.

Today I found some old sheets with the (very long) shortlist of rejected names. Here's a few of my favourites. Think of it as a window…

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Margarita - Back To Greece

Photo: Ralph Barklam

Here's a video from the recent Showfest 19 - featuring the amazingly talented songwriter Margarita who I've been working with for a couple of years. 

Lesson Downloads

These backing tracks are provided for use by my pupils only. Please do not share them! 

CLICK HERE FOR Fernwood Rock Band Files



Music by Pupils

NEW STUFF! (click on track to play, then click on "FREE" to download).

Bad Duck Blues [Demo] - Bad Duck Blues CHORD SHEET - Fernwood Juniors

Mini World Theme backing track - fast version - slow version - Walter Halls



[I know some of the links are broken - send me a message if you want any particular song]

Deeper Than Forever - Voices EP (2014)

Working with 15-19 year olds to write and record an EP (released on In The End records). 




New Communication - Guilty Eyes Single (2013)  

Working with 16-18 year olds to write and record a single (released on In The End records).

Dig Down Deep To Normal (2014) 

12 songs written with 9-11 year olds plus 3 bonus tracks and pdf liner notes

Blast Off To Crazy Planet (2013)  

16 songs written with 9-11 year olds plus bonus track and pdf liner notes

Slow Motion Riot (2011) 

14 songs written with 10-11 year olds plus mystery bonus track & liner notes pdf 

Individual Tracks

(Click on song titles to play. Right click on song titles to download) 

Fernwood Infants School

Big Ben - Fernwood Ukelele Club 2012  
Grandpa Can't Eat Apples - Fernwood Ukelele Club 2013  
Snake Called Sam - Fernwood Ukelele Club 2013 

Fernwood Junior School

21 Song - Oliver, Alfie, Max, Lauren, Madelaine and Alana - FAWM '13  
All About Ellie - with Walter Halls - FAWM '14  
Bananas In Ice Cream Land - FAWM '11  
Batfish (The Shark Knight Rises) - Rosie, Jai, Isabel, Alex, Hollie & Arthur - FAWM '13  
Brussel Sprout Blues  - FAWM '14  
Cliff Jumper - FAWM '11  
Do Not Sit In The Chair - FAWM '11  
Fighting A Squid (Atlantic Mix)  - with Walter Halls ft. Alex McD - FAWM '14  
Fighting A Squid (Pacific Mix) - with Walter Halls ft. Ayesha K - FAWM '14  
Hairy Brian's House Of Horror - Rowan, Isabelle, Kaycie, Simran, Mia & Max - FAWM '13  
Hamster Outta Control - Ayesha, Harry, Joshua, Sam, Alexander & Daisy - FAWM '13  
I Broke My Leg On A Monkey - FAWM '11  
I Hate The World - White Falcons - NEW!  - 2019  
I Like To Play The Guitar - FAWM '11  
I Live In A Mad World - Megan, Yasmin, Emily, Michael, Jacob and Sophie - FAWM '13  
Inja A Ninja  - FAWM '14  
Living Life - Alvaro, Karam, Stephanie, Corey, Ben and Zain - FAWM '13  
Medieval Guitar Teacher - Sam, Ruby, William, Liza, William and Nyiah - FAWM '13  
Midnight Curry Feast  - with Walter Halls ft. Mr Holroyd - FAWM '14  
Merry Death Day - Duo Jets - 2019  
Mr Curry Man - with Hempshill Hall & Walter Halls - FAWM '14  
My Pet Rex - Abbie-Leigh, Joshua, Faris, Christian, Max and Jack - FAWM '13  
Old Man's Facial Hair - FAWM '11  
Pandas From Outer Space - FAWM '11  
Random Song - Cody, Jess, Safah, Maya, Nell and Amari - FAWM '13  
Rock My Chair - FAWM '11  
Spooked - FAWM '11  
Submarine Survivor - FAWM '11  
The Only One In My Heart - Mathilde, Luisa, Milly and Mia - FAWM '13  
The Path - FAWM '11  
Time To Go - with Hempshill Hall - FAWM '14  
Touch The Sky - Strangely Awesome - 2019 NEW!  
Wah Wah Pedal - Caitlin, Millie, Edward, Tony, Marisa & Stevie - FAWM '13  
Yo Ho Ho Hasslehoff - with Walter Halls - FAWM '14  
YouTube Blues - ft. Mr Holroyd  - FAWM '14  
You're Not Here - Joel and Millie - FAWM '13 

Fernwood Junior School Rock Band

Gates Of Hell -  Kill Tommy (FJS Rock Band) with Harry V. ft. Juha Keränen & Sean Ryder - FAWM '14  
Gates Of Hell (Guitar Greeting Edit) - Kill Tommy (FJS Rock Band) ft. Juha Keränen & Sean Ryder - FAWM '14  
Other Side Of The Line - Fernwood Rock Band 

Heathfield Primary School

Christmas Rock Wonderland - Matthew P  
My Old Violin - Tom, Ethan, Owen-Jak, Sienna, Sohola  
Rock Your Brain
- with Hempshill Hall - FAWM '14  
Supermagic - Matthew P  
Superriff - Matthew P  
The Leaving Song - Matthew P.  
The Rock And Roll Monologues  - FAWM '14  
Tree Of Life - Matthew P feat. the Heathfield School Choir - FAWM '13  
U.A.D.O.R. - Lauren and Henry 

Hempshill Hall Primary School

80 Girlfriends - Charlie  
All About Ellie - with Fernwood Juniors - FAWM '14  
Chinese Dragon Thing - Niamh & The Boys  
I Swing You -  Ivy & Zacc  
I'm The Only One Who Knows The Lyrics - Bailey & Asiah - FAWM '11  
Mr Curry Man - with Fernwood Juniors & Walter Hall Juniors  - FAWM '14  
Rock Your Brain
-  with Heathfield Primary - FAWM '14  
Sulietta - Ria, Byron & Joe  
Time To Go -  with Fernwood Juniors - FAWM '14 

Old Library/Bandwagon

Bye Bye Baby - Making Music Project   
Chase Your Dreams - Lyrikz ft Lil H  
Psycho Blues - Making Music Project  
Race To The Top - Deeper Than Forever/The Afterdark Movement/Bru-C/Nina Smith 

Private Lessons

End Of The Dream - Jess S  
Pen - Lauren K 

Samworth Church Academy

Going Solo - Sam M  
Angry Song no.1 - Daniel H 

Walter Halls Primary School

Ali Songo - Ali, Rowan, Nia, Bailey - 2018  
Fighting A Squid (Atlantic Mix) - with Fernwood Juniors  ft. Alex McD  - FAWM '14  
Fighting A Squid (Pacific Mix)  - with Fernwood Juniors  ft. Ayesha K - FAWM '14  
Fun Foods - Dejonae, Adina, Jade, Dylan, Igor and Ashleigh - FAWM '13  
MaNiJa - Nick and Jacob - FAWM '13  
Midnight Curry Feast with Fernwood Juniors  ft.  Mr Holroyd - FAWM '14  
Mr Curry Man - with Fernwood Juniors & Hempshill Hall - FAWM '14  
My Life Came With A Happy Meal - Matt Blick 2019 - NEW  
School DNA - Unknown Rapitide  
Song Of Love - Rosa, Tyrus, Makeda, Keira & Beau - FAWM '13  
Yo Ho Ho Hasslehoff - with Fernwood Juniors - FAWM '14


Eleven Sweets - Zeppo Blick - FAWM '11  
I Lost My Capo - Blick Family - FAWM '11  
Mortal Engines - Chico Blick - FAWM '11