Writing about Songwriting

The Big Fat Lie Most Musicians Believe

Songs ‘happen’ to songwriters. 

No matter how rational they may be, that's the one superstition that almost every songwriter shares, despite all evidence to the contrary. Sure we can read books on songwriting, attend seminars and analyse the classics but…

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Stephen King's Nail

When Stephen King decided he was going to be a writer in his teens his first milestone was sending off a story to a magazine he hoped would publish it. As you might expect he got a rejection slip. No…

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Writing Songs With Charles Dickens

With downloading we listen to everything in bits. Could you imagine what Charles Dickens would say if you said, ‘Could I just have one chapter?’ You’re creating a short story culture. What happened to narrative?

Tori Amos: Mojo Magazine (May…

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Naming Your Band - In 10 Easy Steps

 Having been through the naming process so many times, with my own bands and ones I've taught, I've learned that trying to find THE GREATEST BAND NAME EVER is a fool's errand. The best you can hope for (and what…

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